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Leaders are critical to organizational success.

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Assess and develop your executive leadership capabilities

Executive coaching begins with a discussion about goals and determining if there’s a good “fit”. Next, an assessment is conducted of the leader’s current strengths and shortcomings in the context of his or her business challenges and organization culture. The assessment findings become an effective platform for feedback and prioritizing development. Subsequent coaching then focuses on providing guidance and constructive feedback along the way.

Assess and develop leadership potential and behavior

Leadership potential is an assessment of the presence or absence of behaviors that predictably impact organizational success. We enable clients to take psychometric assessments which offer a more granular look at their personal leadership potential, leadership style, thinking style, and communication style. We advise and strategize with clients to leverage their differentiated strengths, make behavior or style changes for their progression, and navigate behavioral changes given their organizational culture.

Gain perspective and organizational insights as you lead

Effective leaders appreciate the importance of having a neutral sounding board and trusted advisor as they consider opportunities, work through difficult challenges, address and plan for succession, and work with their leadership teams. We engage leaders by providing that perspective, asking relevant questions that broaden their thinking and in making decisions regarding courses of action they can take comfortably.

Develop a strong leadership bench and plans for succession

Creating a strong leadership bench and planning for succession of critical roles remains an important role of senior leadership. We support client leaders in considering different perspectives related to succession as they consider their own succession and of members of their teams. We also work closely with identified successor leaders to ensure they are ready to assume their next important roles.

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